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October 22, 1989 - Chattanooga News-Free Press

by Mike O'Neal

'Tis rare to hear a debut albumsounds as exciting and as fresh as this one. Flawless musicianship, exquisite studio craft, poetic lyrics, distinctive vocals, a veneer of sophistication and an energetic, off-center view of life. Who are these people? Where have they been?

Animal Logic is a project/band formed by bass virtuoso Stanley Clarke and percussionist Stewart Copeland. These two alone would ensure at the least a rhythmically interesting, musically "hip" recording. What adds fire to the mix, however, is the voice and songs of newcomer Deborah Holland.

There are never holes in any song Clarke plays - he is always there and always right. Copeland lends a heavy flavor of the distinctive Police sound to the drum programming. Holland has a voice of cutting clarity, controlled passion and subtle nuance. Her songs range from rockers suggesting the influences of the Police, Chrissie Hynde and Pete Townshend to a bittersweet, jazzy ballad with a a tasty Freddie Hubbard trumpet solo to funky new age/world music with hot violin from L. Shankar to Caribbean country music (!) to a swirling, multi-layered soundscape.

Animal Logic has it all: chops, lyrics, melodies and moxie.

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