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May 14, 1989 - Sunday Post

Last time I met POLICE drummer Stewart Copeland, he was doing a passable impression of the country gent while watching Prince Charles play polo at Windors. Hardly the image for a pop star surely?

"Well, I'm older and married with children now, so I can't write rebellious songs and expect people to believe them any more," he told me when we spoke again last week.

His new project isa band called ANIMAL LOGIC featuring Stewart, the legendary Stanley Clarke, and newcomer Deborah Holland.

"I've left the song writing to Deborah because she is more streetwise than I can be now.

"When we found her in Los Angeles I ran down Sunset Boulevard shouting Eureka! Stan and I thought we'd never find the kind of singer we were looking for."

Stewart stresses his commitment to Animal Logic is total, and he's promised to do some live dates soon.

"We'll keep it low profile because I'm not expecting a ready audience just because of my past. I'm sure most fans of the Police must be collecting their pensions now."

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